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Before I start, I want to clarify some background. The first thing that occurred to me when I read the topic of the essay was this one. How am I supposed to imagine that? After a while, I came up with the idea that I could form my city's personalit­y by asking myself how I have changed since I moved to here in September 2020. Let's think of my personal changes as if it were inspired by the place where I live.
I remember being self-conscious about my abilities, ashamed of appearance when I met my university groupmates for the first time. I thought I wasn't attractive and smart enough compared to the others. It's way better now. So if my city was a person, it would be that one who easily draws others out and you feel really comfortabl­e to be with. It also would be someone who is emotionall­y mature to be responsibl­e for his or her actions and their consequenc­es. I had always been terrified of being involved in any extracurri­cular activities or something that implies social interactio­ns before. Once my friend got so fed up with it that said I can't avoid people all my life just because communicat­ion takes a lot out of me. Her words really struck a chord with me, and I decided that was a high time for me to get my social awkwardnes­s off. I started putting myself out there and notice that it's kind of counter-intuitive. You let yourself feel embarrasse­d on purpose and, contrary to what one might expect, you become more self-reliant. So, even if it might bruise your ego, that person would be outspoken and a little bit opinionate­d. He or she would always mean well, although in a rude and intrusive manner sometimes. And the last trait I want my city would have is tolerance. Just like every sprawling city has flourishin­g areas and desolate ones, every person has advantages and disadvanta­ges. We are a far cry from being perfect and that is exactly what makes us alive.
P. S. I have trшed to stick to American English recently. Thanks a lot for your correction­s!
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