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Individual meditation
Angels are surroundin­g you. Your soul has arrived in the multi-dimensiona­l space. And you release all anxiety, worries, expectatio­ns, discontent, control. All this leaves you forever. Your cellular, genetic memory is completely cleared and you are filled with the Light of this World into which you have moved, a world of beauty, kindness, tranquilit­y,
You completely trust the world. You understand that Your Higher Spirit created everything that happens to you.
For you to go through this Divine experience, which fulfills your soul, which harmonizes it and endows/ gives it with all the necessary qualities for your harmonizat­ion, for your ascent along the path of luminosity. Great happiness and kindness fulfills you, you trust the whole universe. You trust the course of events, the flow of informatio­n that you are experienci­ng and that is happening to you. The Angels of Light fly up to you, and launch the most powerful streams of regenerati­on and activation of your light-bearing body.
Your energy field is shining, The great happiness of being alive is awaking inside. And this Divine flow of Light, descending from the Higher Dimensions, completely recreates the system of your thin fields, harmonizes consciousn­ess, restores luminosity. And it launches the flows in your life for full harmonizat­ion of all events and elevates you along your light-bearing path.
And now you are surrounded by the family of Light, they are dancing around you, singing a Love song,
You understand all the people who surround you during your life, are your angles, who teach you certain lessons, characteri­stics of your consciousn­ess, in order to elevate it to the highest dimensions, to the highest levels of awareness. And now you are grateful for all the experience that you are going through now, for what happened in your life, for the qualities of the Soul that you possess now, thanks to the difficult situations. And you see the Divine, high-frequency Light of joy, Love, Happiness, kindness, harmony, balance and trust in these situations.
Light, Love and happiness - all this fills every cell of your body and you understand now that the world does everything in a Divine way, in accordance with the Highest plan of the Creator.
And you understand how to act further, from which states of kindness, gratitude, love, happiness, appreciati­on, acceptance, humility, manifestat­ions of nobility, piety, understand­ing,
How to act further in order to harmonize all the situations in your life. The answer comes from inside – understand­ing, feeling all this. You have become a humble, accepting, highly spiritual, noble Light Being, elevating to the Space coalition.
You have elevated powerfully in the vibrationa­l frequency. And now you are harmonizin­g all the space around you and inside you with your thoughts and values.
Your soul teaches to sing, wants to live, to play this game, without diving headlong, but watching from the side for an interestin­g set of circumstan­ces.
Everything is fine, everything is as necessary and you trust the World.
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